About Jenn

I started JennSan Designs in my mind years ago... but it wasn't until the opportunity arose in 2021 that this dream came to fruition. I started with a heat press, a Cricut machine, and some vinyl. I didn't have one clue what I was doing and I had spent hours researching just to learn vinyl, sublimation, and screen printing. I quickly learned my favorites and certainly had some trial and error along the way.

I built my Shopify store, and set out to learn Instagram and Facebook to market my shirts. I had no niche, no plan, and no one to call or message and say "hey, now what do I do?". Over time I made friends on Instagram and learned to chat about what they do or if they had tips for me... some helped and some didn't! In month 4 of my business with 3 sales under my belt and 300 IG followers , I met a friend who invited me to a 30 day posting challenge. I grew my from 3 followers to 10,000 in 2 months and now it's grown to almost over 25,000 followers.

As more followers came, I would receive question after question about the how's, what's, and why's of the T-shirt world. I answered every DM, every post comment, and every story response!  I am determined to teach you everything I learned over the last year of T-shirt making, along with my 16 years of small business and website building experience. There is no problem I won't solve, and no question I won't answer!

I appreciate you trusting me to take you on this endeavor and I will hold your hand the entire way! I am excited for you to start a new chapter in your life and get this T-Shirt biz going. I look forward to what you create!!