The Bumpy Road of a T-Shirt Biz…

The Bumpy Road of a T-Shirt Biz…

So you want to start a T-shirt Business? You thought to yourself... "this looks easy, let me try it". But now you've spent money buying supplies, posting on your social media and a few of your family and friends bought.  So now what??

I know exactly where you are and where you're headed! To the big 'ole town of Frustrated-ville!

You will begin to wonder:

  • Why no one is buying?
  • Why did I think this would be easy?
  • Should I post more content on social media?
  • What if everyone sees me fail?

I thought all of these things and more. I wondered what will I do if this doesn't work, should I sell all my equipment? I had spent hours watching YouTube videos on how to make shirts, how to use vinyl, screen print, and sublimation. I read articles on how to sell on social media, learned SEO, and even joined email lists for days! I joined how-to courses, followed social curators, and had more SHIT in my inbox than I knew what to do with. And all that was so overwhelming that I didn't know where to begin.

And then January 2022 came,  by this time I was crying weekly, knowing I had put all this effort and time and money and I'm still selling less than 5 shirts a month! I messaged a friend I had made on Instagram that I wanted to quit and she told me, "Jenn, please don't quit... try this challenge with me and see what happens, you can do this."!

Right then and there I had a decision to make! I knew I wasn't a quitter, but I also knew I wasn't willing to go further down a path of loss and wasted time. I spent a day coming to the conclusion that I will give this one more try, and I mean really dig deep kind of try!  This is where JennSan Designs became a new brand, a new face, and exploded to where it is today!

See next weeks post and watch what I did to make JennSan Grow on social media, and sell shirts like I had never done before!

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