Supplying Your Shirt Shop On A Budget

Jennifer Sanchez

One of the biggest reason people avoid business start up is the cost! Let's be honest we will buy those Starbucks drinks numerous times a week, spend more money in the Target dollar section than we ever should have... but we won't bother to invest in ourselves because it "costs too much"!! Really? Has it come to this?
To think you could have started your T-Shirt Business and been making side hustle cash already!
I started my business with less than $450! I had shopped around and spent as little as possible to start. I wanted to invest in myself but not overspend. I figured if this doesn't work out then I didn't spend thousands wasting my time or money. I found all I need starting on Amazon and of course it delivered right away so I was even more excited.

Here's What I bought:
Heat Press => Vivo Home 5-n-1 swing away heat press for $199. it allowed me to expand with the 4 attachment options.
Cricut Machine => Cricut Explore Air II for $169.
Weeding Tools => 32 Pc Vinyl Weeding Tool Kit with Shirt Guide rulers, squeegees, scrapers, and a cutting mat for $14.25.
Black & White Vinyl rolls => HTVront 25' black and white vinyl rolls to start for $25.99.
Telfon Rolls => 4 Pk telfon sheets for heat press for $8.99

As I sold I then purchased my Tee's and bags and tissue paper. But not until I had my first sale. Once I began to sell more pieces, I added to my business as my needs expanded.

Here is where I added as I grew:
A more robust heat press
 => Transpro Slide 15X15 Clamshell Heat press from Proworld.
I purchased this because the swing away was a bit difficult when i had thicker materials or hoodies. In hindsight I would have started with this if I had known about them!
Ring Lights => 12" Ring light and tripod stand for reels, videos, and photos!
Flip n Fold => Shirt Folding Board This is a must as you grow - LOL!
and I added much more! new cutting mats to I could multi-task,  a vinyl roll hanger for all those rolls, shirt tag gun, and much more you can shop from in my Amazon Finds!

I began to add a sublimation printer and mug press and find other "toys" to play with in my love for crafting. I will advise that you stick to your "one craft" and stay in your lane...LOL. You can get distracted in this area. If it makes sense to add mugs to your brand, then go for it. but if it's a distraction from your goal and your brand maybe keep that for personal or gifts for friends. Ask me how I know!

It obviously costs to add your shirts, thank you cards, shirt tags, etc. But those things add in as you sell and grow.
To be cost effective, I make my own Thank you cards, shirt tags, and tissue package stickers in Canva. I chose to have these printed at Fedex and can pick them up next day.
If you don't have Canva, use my link to sign up for a free or paid account here. Also to save you time, I have created some easily editable designs you can purchase on my Etsy shop and download.  

With all this being said, you can start this business as small or as big as you want to. In the next Blog I will talk about purchasing your product as you sell, and being a print on demand set up as you grow.  Take some time to plan this concept out, and know your goals so purchasing stays on track!

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