Realizing who I am Not , Made me who I Am!

Realizing who I am Not , Made me who I Am!

After spending months of trying but not knowing what I was "trying" at. I went back and looked at other Instagram accounts, looked over emails or tips I got that I overlooked in my early stresses. I re-evaluated what I was doing, realizing that I was trying to sell to anyone who would see my stuff. Not knowing that my "niche & brand" were as confusing as I was! I was selling any kind of apparel possible, in several colors, and I would drop new designs every few days!

Once I evaluated all I was doing, I knew that was what DOESN'T WORK... so now your wondering "well, what DID you do"? I narrowed my focus, realizing who I wasn't narrowed who I was! I never stopped to realize I was a motivator, an encourager, and I believed more for others than myself! So with that, I made my JennSan Designs brand all about encouraging women... whether through Trauma, health battles, empty nest life, basically any women who struggled mentally in their lives. I wanted raw designs, minimal and neutral. Again realizing who I am NOT, made me who I AM!

I spent a week rebuilding my designs and my site to share what I envisioned. I branded my designs with Warrior type concepts, stuck to 4 apparel colors only, and began a Valentines launch! I began a 30 day challenge with my friend to post a reel a day for 30 days and use the same hashtags. I'm not saying that's what made it explode, but all of this inclusively made it become a brand and made my awareness known!

I went from 300 followers end of January to 10,000 followers in March! I continued this pattern and path and grew from 10,000 in March to 20,000 followers in August. Now followers aren't sales... but they sure are awareness and a community! My sales grew from $200 months to $6,000 months... and I was just being ME! Depending on who you are, these number may not mean much or they may be an eye opener for you! But Let me tell you, growth is relative, and viral is YOUR viral not anyone else's.

So here's a little motivation for you, if your struggling with sale or with growth, Do you know who you are?? When you walk in to Target , You know who they are and what they give. When you walk in to Walmart, you know who they are what they give. But do you know that SEO, social retail, and algorithms can't share you if they don't know WHO YOU ARE!

If you've been wanting to start that lil' t-shirt business, or started and just got stuck, I'm can help you! My second major discovery is that I AM A FIXER, I solve problem,  I help, and I fix. That is why I started my T-shirt Business Masterclass! FOR YOU!! I was getting so many questions, because I was so transparent on social media, that I was helping as much as I was selling! I want to help others get to their goal faster, easier, and more efficiently. I look back at all the things I bought during my "learning phase", apparel wise, and education wise. I overspent and under performed like a master!

I want to help you skip the wasted time and weeks of crying over lack of results! What you learn in my course is not on YouTube, not in anyone else's videos, guides, booklets! I walk your through click by click, and step by step from start to your actual launch... and I support you even beyond! I have students on their 2nd launch since the first course in August... and all I wanted to do was help them learn how to do it, and make some money on the side!

Let me "FIX" your fears, your procrastination, your financial concerns. My purpose is to get you the information in a short amount of time and help you build this business without cleaning out your savings!

You can do this and You can succeed! I've seen it, I've done it, and I know others personally who are fully independent running a T-Shirt business as well! I am glad I started this journey and I am appreciative for every struggle I had, THIS LED ME TO YOU!!

Keep reading my blog ~ you'll learn a lot of tips...
and begin your own journey!

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