Build Excitement & Launch Your T Shirt Shop

Build Excitement & Launch Your T Shirt Shop

Building Excitement & Launch your Brand

Build awareness so they know who you are. Build Trust so they keep coming back. Build anticipation so those who do continue to shop never get bored! These 3 things combined keep your audience fresh and ready for your launches! if you're not excited, why should your buyer be? I sell what I like, therefore I can brand it and offer it with excitement. 

Build Awareness

The truth is, people don't just know who you are—they need to be told!

You can do this in a variety of ways:

Start showing your process in reels
  • Show products in stories
  • Set a Launch date and add as a reminder in stories
  • Share your mission statement or vision in a post
  • Share a reel introducing yourself 

    Build Anticipation

    If you're not excited about what you're selling, why should their buyers be? Social media is one of the greatest ways to reach people outside your personal space. But to grow this anticipation and also grow customers here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Stories/reels showing excitement of product arriving
    • Offer a discount for email sign ups (this gets you some continuous contact and you can keep these people updated of new launches, ship dates, and news)
    • Give a sneak peak of the launch ( this is crucial! if they don't know what you're even offering how will they know what to be excited about)
    • Have a giveaway on launch week ( if they share, tag, or comment, they will be entered in the drawing for a free shirt)
    • Teasers of any kind (think about what gets you motivated to buy something)

      You can start building excitement up to 30 days before launch. Just make sure you have the social content to back this up! Send emails, post consistently (not constantly), do countdowns on social. the closer you get to launch, the closer your posts/emails should be. This builds them up to the day.

      Here is an example timeline of your launch posts:

      • 30 days out make your brand known- Awareness
      • 20 days out countdown to launch/send out your first email
      • 15 days out sneak peak
      • 12 days out share who you are, your brand, your vision / email here too
      • 10 days out share product set up, shipping station etc.
      • 8 days out share a thank you for following and encouraging
      • 6 days out get them exited - wear your shirt in a reel/story
      • 5 days out story countdown show website/ products
      • 4 days out story countdown survey them ( are they excited, which one is their favorite, etc.)
      • 3 days out email them that in 3 days their lives will change for the better! Share a carousel post of how to shop your site and what to expect.
      • 2 days out story countdown/ reel of making shirts or folding shirts or cutting vinyl ( whatever your doing)
      • Morning of send an email that todays the day! Share the site address, share all your social links, give them a discount for their first order, etc.
      • Be proud of your success!!

        But we can't just rely on excitement alone—we need to give our customers a reason to keep coming back. And the best way to do that is by building trust with them by providing quality products that are built to last. When someone buys something from your brand, they feel like they're making an investment in their own personal style —they don't want that investment to let them down!

        Building Trust

        Trust is huge when it comes to selling products online. People don't like buying things from strangers! That's why it's essential that you build trust with your audience before they commit to purchasing anything from you.

        You can do this by being transparent on all of your platforms—from providing information about yourself and where your products come from, to letting them know what kind of customer service they can expect from you if something goes wrong with their order, etc. Tell them ship times, processing times, how your business works. This transparency builds trust and gets you life long customers! These people will be your biggest support.

        Watch what others are doing in this industry, what makes you follow them, what makes you buy? Study these things and find your own path to success on your first ever launch. Good luck and know that you can do this!

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