5 Steps to Create and Launch a Profitable T-Shirt Business

Jennifer Sanchez profitable shirt business steps to business success

These 5 steps to create and launch your business are what will guide you to make this profitable. Paying close attention to these details are what can make or break a good T-Biz. Some of these areas can be used to produce not just t-shirts but any product based business. 

Step #1 Finding or creating your designs. 
While this may seem a simple task of just scrolling and finding something you like. It also becomes more difficult as you pick more and more designs and then begin to overthink your niche! Stay focused and consistent on your brand so you build a continuous following. Thus having customers who are buyers rather than lookers! Alternatively, you can choose trending designs that you know are going to sell. Finding trending files or transfers helps you take the guess work out of what people want, because "trends" already tell you.

Step #2 Supplies on a Budget
You don't have to break the bank to start this business!  Starting with the basics and adding more as needed, make these decisions for supplies as you go. I started with a heat press, a cricut, and some weeding tools, and vinyl. I purchased more supplies and tried new things as my business grew.

Step #3 Print to Order
Being strategic how you order and when you order can make this an easy business for you.  Using Mock ups to sell and making your item once it's sold, can help you prevent wasted inventory. This gives you more options to keep blanks on hand that are used as needed and sitting stale.

Step #4 Sales Platforms
Selecting your sales platforms isn't easy, there's many options and one can get overwhelmed. For simplicity start with Etsy, then adding Shopify is helpful as it connects to social media easily.  I started backwards and now I'm having to build up my Etsy but its so worth it! the SEO already built into your Etsy account helps learn more for your own website. 

Step #5 Build Excitement
Build awareness so they know who you are. Build Trust so they keep coming back. Build anticipation so those who do continue to shop never get bored! These 3 things combined keep your audience fresh and ready for your launches! if you're not excited, why should your buyer be? I sell what I like, therefore I can brand it and offer it with excitement. 

Taking these 5 steps to set up and run your Tee Biz can be the difference between profitable and just trading nickels! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more in depth information on each of these steps! Each area can be a deep dive into best practices and knowing these 5 strategies has helped me grow over 30,000 followers on social media and sales increase of 1500% !!!! True Story!

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