Helping YOU start a T-shirt Business with Less Stress and More Success!

I'm Jennifer Sanchez

Owner of JennSan Designs and creator & instructor of The T-Shirt Business Masterclass.

I love to help others, I'm severely addicted to solving problems, and completely enjoy being a resource of information!

  • Business Set Up

    Helping you understand what it takes to set up and run a T-shirt Business. Including helping you find your niche or collaborating with peers in our FB group!

  • T-Shirt Biz Resource

    Not only can you learn how to make a shirt, But I teach every facit of owning a T-shirt Business. No detail is left out. This will be a huge resource for you!

  • Learn the How-To's

    Read the Blog, Watch the Youtube Channel, or follow me on Social media where I share all the tips & tricks YOU can use in your T-Shirt Business.

  • Canva 101

    This Mini course will have you confident with Canva in less than a day! Be overjoyed once you realize how you can utilize Canva for all your business needs. Learn how easy it can be to create and design without needing to be creative!

  • Tee Business Plan In A Day

    This one-day course will provide an overview of the
    fundamentals of creating a business plan & brand for a t-shirt business. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a comprehensive business plan, know who your Target audience is and your specified Niche.

  • Tee Biz Tools for Social Retail

    From confused to Confident with these tools! Master Canva, Set up your shopify from scratch, and build our Social Media like a pro!

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I started with a cricut and no clue...

I started JennSan Designs in my mind years ago... but it wasn't until the opportunity arose in 2021 that this dream came to fruition. I started with a heat press, a Cricut machine, and some vinyl. I didn't have one clue what I was doing and I had spent hours researching just to learn vinyl, sublimation, and screen printing. I quickly learned my favorites and certainly had some trial and error along the way.

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