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Turn your T-Shirt Business dreams

in to reality.

never give up

I had no idea:

What to buy

Where to buy it

What shirt designs would sell

Who would want it

I spent months learning, failing,

and wasting a lot of money

just to master my T-Shirt Business!

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This course will save you time and failed lessons!

Let's make this journey Quick & Easy!

Avoid the guessing game!

Avoid the hours of selling

the wrong designs!

What You Get

  • Step-by-Step Video Instructed Course
  • Self Paced Program
  • Every Detail of how to start and run your business!
  • 7 Modules including "how to make a shirt".
  • Social Media How-To's
you ve got this

Your success is determined by the amount of effort you put into it!

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What You Will Learn

Course Outline

module 1

Business Plan

module 2


module 3

Print Methods

module 4


module 5

Sales Platforms

module 6

Social media

module 7

T-Shirt Making

Step-by-Step Video

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Module 1

A Complete Business Plan

Business Registration

Designs & Apparel

Niche & Target Audience

Resource page, workbook, & link sources


It all starts with a

business plan and

making major decisions!

This course module focuses on developing a business plan for T-shirt Business. Then covers aspects such as brand creation, identifying target audience and selecting designs and apparel. By the end of the module, learners should have a solid understanding of the key elements required to launch a successful apparel brand.

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Highly recommended really worth it


There were a lot of great tips and information.

Jenn is helpful, supportive and encouraging.

Great course, Great Instructor, tons of support

The course hit on everything you need to get started.

It was informative and covered so much! She was transparent and also has had so much experience.

She is relateable, inspiring and kind.

check it out

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Helping you run a T-Shirt

Business with Ease!

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What to Expect when you

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  1. You will be taken to a PayPal page for payment.
  2. Upon receipt of payment you will be sent an email with a pdf. document, giving you access to the complete course.
  3. Follow the instructions on the pdf. document to start your course modules.
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